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You can find answers to most typical Wave questions in the Help Center. However, if you have checked there and still do not see what you are looking for, here is a guide of additional help resources. 

Content and program governance

Please contact your Workstream Lead, company Wave representative, or McKinsey Coach. Example questions:

  • What type of information am I expected to enter into Wave fields?
  • How should I calculate the savings value for my initiatives?
  • When am I expected to make updates to my initiatives?

Wave access rights or overall use of features

Please contact your company Wave representative or super user. Example questions:

  • I would like to request a new Wave user account
  • How does my Dashboard work?
  • How do I find my initiatives?
  • My initiative appears locked…why can’t I edit it?
  • How does this report work? How do I interpret the results?
  • I need to be trained on Wave

Application issues or basic Wave functionality questions

Please submit a Wave Support form. Example requests:

  • I’m receiving error messages in Wave
  • Application crashes unexpectedly

IP address, internet access, PC configuration, or other IT questions

Please contact your company's IT support team. Example requests:

  • Checking/improving the bandwidth of your internet connection
  • Upgrading your PC
  • Enabling Excel macros
  • Installing a Wave-supported browser​ on your computer or tablet

Troubleshooting and FAQs

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