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The Help Center in Wave is a dedicated space where new and experienced users can find first line support and training materials

Search across all available support content 

Find answers to detailed governance and process queries*

Embed detailed guidance where and when users need it

Share files, such as spreadsheets or other documents, as attachments

Help Center FAQ

When is this coming? 

All Wave tenants will have Help Center added in the coming weeks.

Can I add my own content?

The Help Center can house both the library of generic Wave guides and also content created specifically for your organization. Specific users can be given access to create, update, and manage all the content created for your organization.

What does this mean for the Wave Success Center?

All of the content you have come to rely on in the Wave Success Center is being migrated to Help Center. The Wave Success Center site will be sunset on August 8th 2021. Some content, e.g. How to log in, will be accessible outside of Wave on our Support microsite.

How do I learn more?

Please reach out to your Wave representative 

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